Vacuum Truck and Oil Hauling Jobs In The Oilfield


In a time when other sectors of the economy are suffering, oil and gas exploration in the U.S. and Canada is booming. When oil wells are drilled and producing crude, companies hire crude oil truck drivers to carry the product to market, as well as vacuum truck drivers to haul away waste water from the well site. Right now there are vacuum truck driver jobs and crude oil truck driver positions available with a number of companies around the country. In the booming Eagle Ford shale formation in South Texas, as well as the Niobrara shale, jobs hauling salt or brine water in trucks and crude oil hauling jobs are plentiful.  This article will discuss some of the major crude transportation companies, and what qualifications one must have to become a crude oil or vacuum truck driver.

What Oilfield Vacuum Truck Drivers Do

Almost every oil and gas well produces some amount of waste water along with the petroleum that flows out of it. This waste water is usually salty or “brine water”. It cannot be released into rivers and streams since it would be toxic to plants and fish due to the high salt content. This brine water must be hauled away from open pits and tanks to a disposal facility by vacuum truck drivers. These trucks have heavy duty pumps, which can suck up over one hundred barrels of brine water and haul it away to a disposal facility. Below is a photo of an oilfield salt water disposal well facility. The vacuum truck drivers below are lined up waiting to unload their cargo of salt water and waste oil.  Vacuum truck and crude oil truck drivers must fill out a “run ticket” when they pick up their load at the oil or gas well.  These are typically left inside a small box or jar next to the production and saltwater tanks on the well site.  Many companies that offer vacuum truck services also have hot oil trucks and equipment. Hot oil truck drivers work with equipment that uses heated oil to treat wells that have become clogged up with paraffin and other solids. Oilfield hot oil truck operator jobs require more skills and training than the other positions listed above.  Below is a sample of a vacuum truck or crude oil truck driver’s run ticket.

photo of saltwater disposal facility and oilfield vacuum trucks unloading photo of a run ticket used by oilfield vacuum truck and crude oil truck drivers















Qualifications Needed For Oilfield Vacuum Truck Driver Jobs and Crude Oil Trucker Positions

Most vacuum truck companies require drivers to have at least a high school diploma or GED, since employees must understand concepts involving math and science. Drivers must be able to sample tanks using specialized equipment and calculate how much BS&W, or basic sediment and water is contained in a load of crude oil, then accept or  refuse the load depending on the results of those tests. Employees must take a variety of safety courses, such as H2S safety, hazardous materials, etc., in order to be allowed to work in most oilfields. In addition, all vacuum truck driving jobs and crude oil hauling jobs require a class A commercial driver’s license or CDL.  Most companies want a clean criminal background history and no speeding tickets, DUI’s or accidents on an employees record. Most consider DUI’s on a current employee’s record to be grounds for termination.

Companies Hiring Vacuum Truck Drivers and Crude Oil Truckers

In areas where there is active oil and gas production, such as the state of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Dakota, New Mexico and others, check the classified sections of newspapers for companies such as Nabors Well Services, Key Energy Services, Diamond Pump and Transport of Odessa, TX, Maclaskey Oilfield Services and others who hire vacuum truck drivers. Check the yellow pages and web in oil producing areas for vacuum truck companies, crude oil hauling companies, and hot oil services.   For jobs other than crude oil truck and vacuum truck drivers, check TexasOilfieldJob