How To Get An Oilfield Flowback Job

The job of a flowback operator in the oil and gas industry pays quite well. Flowback jobs involve operating manifolds and test equipment on the site of a well that has just been drilled and possibly had a frac job done to it.

In order to not ruin the underground formation by releasing the pressure that lies below ground too quickly a series of chokes, manifolds, valves and test equipment is set up and the process of flowback is done over a period of several days. Is is also during this time that it can be determined, more or less accurately, how much oil and gas the well will produce. The flowback operator’s job is to record how much gas and oil are being produced along with other variables. Flowback operators also may operate equipment such as separators that remove water from the oil and gas so that it can be properly disposed of.

The flowback job can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months and during that time the flowback technician may live in a trailer on the job site. He may work in 12 hour shifts along with another employee.  The working hours are non-traditional and employees are on call most of the time. Job locations are anywhere in the United States where oil and gas wells are being drilled though most companies will serve a regional area out of a district headquarters such as Oklahoma City.

Companies that specialize in production and flowback work hire employees for these jobs. The major companies like Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford provide flowback services to oil and gas companies. There are also smaller companies that provide these services.

To get a job as a flowback operator try sites like and for listings.

Salaries for flowback equipment operators can be over $50,000 a year with overtime.