How To Get A Job In The Eagle Ford Shale Oilfield

The Eagle Ford shale is a giant new discovery of oil and gas in South Texas. It is creating hundreds of new jobs as dozens of new, highly productive wells are drilled.

Here are some of the kinds of jobs that will be created by drilling for natural gas and oil in the Eagle Ford Shale.

1. Service Company Jobs
Service companies are the backbone of the oil and gas company. The provide a myriad of services that keep rigs running, build new locations, provide technical services such as communications, drilling fluids, well logging, mudlogging, wireline equipment rental, water pump and line rental, hydraulic fracturing (frac jobs) and much more.

For those looking for a job with a service company check the classified ads in places that are oilfield hubs in South Texas where Eagle Ford shale drilling is occurring. Such hubs include Alice, TX, Victoria, TX, Corpus Christi, TX, Freer TX and other smaller towns. Courses in oilfield technology can help prepare one for a job in the service company sector. Such courses are available at Bee County College in Beeville, TX and at the Petroleum College International in Victoria, TX.  Also search sites like

2. Construction Jobs
A number of new gas pipeline projects have been announced and several are under construction. Kinder Morgan Inc is building one 24 inch line from near Cotulla to Duval county. There will be a need for welders, laborers, welder’s helpers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and other personnel as more large and small pipelines are constructed. Each new Eagle Ford shale gas well will require a pipeline that connects it to a main trunk line so there will be ongoing pipeline construction for the next decade or so in the Eagle Ford shell area.

3. Gaugers or Pumpers

As new Eagleford shale gas and oil wells come online there will be a need for gaugers or pumpers, the individuals that drive to each well and check on equipment, gauge tanks for the level of oil, water or condensate produced, call water trucks, keep compressors running, and generally run the production side of the oilfield.  To get a job as a gauger search for “production services” or “production company” and look for job listings. Some companies will hire those with some prior oilfield experience and then offer further training. Another way to get a pumper job or gauger job is to work with an existing contract gauger, or independent contractor, as a helper or relief gauger to gain experience.

4. Truck Drivers

There is a growing need in South Texas where the Eagle Ford shale is being developed, for persons with a CDL to drive gravel trucks, oil trucks, trucks hauling oilfield equipment and pipe, heavy equipment and salt water for disposal. Salaries for oilfield truck drivers range from $25,000 to over $80,000 depending on what type of hauling is involved, overtime, etc.

5. Rig Jobs

While roughneck jobs are one of the smallest job segments in terms of total job creation they are a vital part of the picture. As the rig count goes up there will be a need for more oilfield roughnecks and roustabouts.  Those with experience will be the first hired and as the overall oil and gas hiring picture improves companies will begin to hire inexperienced workers to train.

Other Eagle Ford shale jobs.

As the giant oil and gas field is developed there will be countless other jobs created in almost every facet of South Texas business. Cost of living is relatively low in this part of the state and if you are looking for a new job it might be worth considering to relocate to small towns like Three Rivers, Jourdanton, Beeville, Cotulla and other areas where home rentals are cheap and the job outlook is, for a change, very good.

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