How To Get A Job As A Highway Mainenance Worker

It takes a veritable army of Highway Maintenance Workers to  keep the countries hundreds of thousands of highway miles, repaired and safe for traffic.  With expanding populations, and the need for more and better roads, there will always be a demand for skilled, and experienced Highway Maintenance Workers.

The work of Highway Maintenance Workers is not easy.  These men and women work all hours of the day and night, in rain, snow, sleet, and wind, in the blistering heat of the summer, and in the freezing cold of the winter. Sometimes workers may be required to travel, to get jobs, or get to other in-need work sites.

Highway Maintenance workers wear appropriate clothing, and footwear, as well as safety gear.  They work on rural and municipal roads as well as highways and airport runways.

Those who wish to get jobs as Highway Maintenance Workers must be physically fit, with considerable strength and stamina.  They must be hard working, reliable, and have good communication skills.  All Highway Maintenance Workers must be able to follow directions, and work well as part of a team.

Highway Maintenance Workers have a variety of duties which will vary job to job and day to day.  They repair guardrails, fix potholes and cracks, put up stop signs, lay out safety cones, direct traffic, build and repair snow fences, drive snowplows, de-ice roads, cut grass, trim branches, and clear brush from roadsides, clean ditches and culverts, remove trees and other obstacles from roadways, and drive trucks and other forms of transport to work sites.

Highway Maintenance Workers receive a variety of benefits, including paid vacations, health insurance, and workman’s compensation.


Those who wish to get jobs as Highway Maintenance Worker, must have a high school diploma or GED.

Any construction experience, or mechanical knowledge, would be an asset when seeking employment.

Applicants need to pass a civil service exam.  They must to be able to read and write clearly, and follow directions.

Some small areas may not give exams, but may rely solely on a period of on-the-job training under the supervision of experienced workers.

Highway Maintenance Workers, who wish to drive vehicles, will need a clean driving record and a commercial driving license.

There are several places to look for jobs as Highway Maintenance Workers.  If you are still in school, you may try your school placement service.  You may also try newspaper ads, the internet, or your state’s employment services or state highway commission.  You may also apply directly to the administrator of your town or county.

With experience, and a willingness to learn, Highway Maintenance Workers can advance to become senior maintenance workers, supervisors, or highway inspectors.