Bit Salesman Job In The Oil Exploration Industry

When oil and gas wells are being drilled very expensive drill bits are used. When new oil well drilling bits are needed a bit salesman will call on the company man at the rig location to try and make the sale. Drill bits that are used in oil and gas drilling can cost from a couple thousand dollars up to well over fifty thousand dollars. High end PDC bits, which use polycrystalline diamond compact cutters, are some of the most expensive.

It goes without saying that the commission paid on oilfield drill bits is very high. A good bit salesman may make over ten thousand dollars on one oil or gas well.

Company men or the drilling company consultant who is in charge at the well location may have significant decision making ability and it is for this reason that salesmen often call directly on the rig site to try and sell a new bit. In the old days, and still common in come places, the salesman may carry along small “favors” such as liquor, new boots or more common nowadays, coffee and food items.

As is common with so many sales jobs these days, the salesman with the best “goodies” may be the one to make the sale.

Oilfield bit salesmen may work on a combination of commission and salary, but it is from sales that they make the most money.

Usually persons with oilfield experience, such as ex-drillers, mud engineers, consultants, or toolpushers, may become bit salesmen.

In order to close the sale they must know a lot about how oil and gas wells are drilled and speak the vernacular of the industry.

It is not only the bit salesman with the best gift of gab and the best goodies that makes the sale. Often it is the person who can present the best engineering plan for bit use. This new scientific aspect of bit sales has changed how they are sold. A bit company such as Smith International will offer to work with the company geologists and engineers and provide intelligence on what kinds of bits will provide the best penetration rate and last the longest in certain kinds of rock formation. They may offer a chart showing what bit to use where and what the ideal weight to be applied, rotary speed, etc. is for that model.

If you have prior oilfield experience and are a good people person then you may consider becoming an oilfield bit salesman. Look for job openings and recruiting at companies like Smith International and