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Ever wondered how to get a job as a commercial airline pilot, ROV operator or oil well firefighter? What about a job in forestry conservation where you work outdoors much of the time?  There are high paying niche jobs of all kinds that offer high salaries and which can also be a job you love.

About The Site

How To Get A Job As… articles are written by several retired professionals who have years of job experience, time on their hands and a willingness to offer free job advice and career ideas. The purpose of the site is to guide those who are looking for a non traditional career toward little known niche jobs, ones that pay high salaries, or ones that offer great benefits to society but are seldom mentioned by school career counselors. You’ll find tips on how to get a job you love as well as jobs with a high salary.  There are many offbeat jobs that offer high pay, yet which are not that well known about by job seekers.

About The Writers

The writers on the site have a combined work experience of over 150 years and would like to share their knowledge of many different employment opportunities with readers of the blog and offer tips on how to finding a job that you love.

What Information We Offer Readers

There are literally thousands of interesting niche jobs and career paths you may have never heard of or ones you have not considered. You can learn the required education, experience, salary, benefits and nature of hundreds of different jobs. From clergyman to hot air balloon pilot there may be a job out there that will enable you to pursue you life’s passion while getting paid. Find tips here on how to get a job you love.

Some of the highest paying niche jobs in the world are barely known of and may not even require a college degree. Take for example the job of a disaster insurance adjuster. These specialists, who often work as independent contractors, are ready to travel at a moment’s notice to areas that have suffered a catastrophe to examine homes and property so that insurance companies can pay out benefits. They can make over $500 a day and it only takes a few weeks training to become a catastrophe adjuster plus the right contacts.

The high paying niche job of a directional oil well driller in the oil and gas industry can pay well over $200,000 a year and be obtained by those with engineering and math skills, sometimes without having to have a college degree, depending on experience.

The kinds of jobs and career ideas that are out there are nearly endless. Imagine controlling a ROV, or remote operated vehicle over two miles below you on the surface of the ocean and using robotic arms to connect up sections of pipe or do welding jobs. The starting salary for ROV operators can be as much as $400 a day and go up to well over twice that amount with several years of experience. The job of a ROV operator may take to to all parts of the world to work on interesting projects while living on a research or drilling ship. One month you might be in the South China Sea exploring a shipwreck and the next month be inspecting an underwater telecommunications cable thousands of feet below the surface of the North Atlantic. See cool jobs like How To Become An Oil Well Firefighter

To become an ROV operator may requires as little at two years training at a junior college.   How do you become a Alaska Crab boat fisherman or how do you get a job as a seeing eye dog trainer? We hope to answer some of these job requirement and qualification questions and help you decide what education you need to get to get hired nearly any hot career.

There are high paying niche jobs at the bottom of the world, on Antarctic research stations and jobs as heavy equipment operators and geologists working in mines in Canada hundreds of feet underground. There are bush pilot jobs in Alaska, scuba instructor jobs on Caribbean Islands and jobs doing forest research high in the upper canopy of a the rain forest. Find a job you love and you’ll always be on vacation.

There are literally hundreds of interesting careers and some of the best jobs are ones that your counselors in high  school or your college’s placement office never told you about, jobs that don’t suck and offer very good benefits. You can find a job you love that matches your dreams, education with an employer needing what you offer.

Degree Not Always Required For The Best Kind Of High Paying Niche Jobs

Don’t be discouraged from applying to certain interesting positions because you think they require a specific degree. Some of the world’s highest paying jobs can be obtained without a four year college diploma.  In many cases your existing college degree or high school diploma combined with your life experience is enough to get you hired. If you read the fine print in many postings you will find a clause that makes exceptions. Military experience or volunteer work  may be enough to allow the recruiter to justify approving your application.

Having a good resume is extremely important. A resume is like the key that unlocks the door to your employment future. A well written resume, cover letter, and the way that you appear and act at an interview may allow you to to be hired over someone with more education. We will be adding things such as  job interview tips, job descriptions, where to find a job bank in your area, high paying jobs, job list links and more in the weeks that follow. At some point we plan on offering free job listings here on the site where employers can post free classified employment ads for hot careers.

Some jobs offer rewards not in salary but in making a big difference to society. Workers for international aid organizations are helping those in Haiti and other countries as you read this and saving lives for a living.

As we build How To Get A Job As.. you will see dozens of new jobs appearing on the site. You can find resources on the site that will help you locate the courses you need to qualify and links to employer’s websites.  We will be offering a job forum soon where you can discuss with other job seekers the interview strategies, resume ideas and other employment resources you plan to use.

Don’t settle for a boring job when there are so many interesting, niche jobs, and often high paying career paths out there for the taking.

Thanks for visiting our new career tips and job description site. We hope you enjoy it. Hopefully the information you find here can help you on the path to a successful career that is both high paying and personally satisfying or “A Job You Love”.